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Jane Diaz

Refresh your jewelry wardrobe with on-trend styles and a carefully curated mix of pieces by designer Jane Diaz.


New York native Jane Diaz has collaborated with Nepalese metalsmiths for over 25 years, creating a unique hand-made line of designer jewelry. A background in fine art, anthropology and dance combined with a life-long passion for ritual and ornamentation lead Jane to her success as a designer. Tying all these interests together, she envisions a collection of jewelry perfectly matched with the traditional hand-made techniques of Nepal. As the industrial world expands to consume many ancient crafts, Jane Diaz values the one of a kind distinction of the "human touch" to each individual piece. It is important to her to keep the skills of these craftsman alive. Jane designs her jewelry as a way to express her life experience and aesthetic. The confetti of charms in the line make up a spiritual symbolism that has come out of personal inquiry, world travels and cultural studies. Painterly colors characterize her stone collections and the romance of periods such as the Victorian, Art Deco and Mid Century Modern give forms and shape to her collections.